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Animated Watchman (Complete Kit)
WATCH-1 Complete Kit

Animated Watchman (Complete Kit)

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01/21/2018 - Updates to Watchman kits. All Watchman kits now include (4) Spider Joints allowing you to completely pose both of the prop's arms!

The Watchman sees all! Manufactured from sturdy 1/8" aluminum plate, this kit promises to stand watch over your cemetery for a long time. His movement rides on a 3 inch steel lazy Susan bearing assembly and the drive arm features a nylon roller for low friction. The included PWM speed controller allows you to adjust his speed to exactly where you want it. 

Please read the product description completely before ordering. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can view the complete plans for this kit HERE

We designed this kit to allow you to build your own custom animated prop without all of the hassle of chasing down a bunch of parts. With minimal care, this kit should last you a very long time. Should it ever need repair, most of the parts can be sourced locally. We will also provide support and parts for any kit that we sell. 

Items included in the Basic Kit:

(1) Precision machined aluminum waist platform (completely assembled as shown)

(7) UMB-1 Universal Mounting Bases

(1) ST-1 1 inch PVC slip-T fitting 

(1) 1 inch PVC cross fitting 

(1) 4 inch x 1/2 inch PVC neck pipe and reducer

(3) 1 inch PVC 45 degree elbow fittings

(1) SJ-1 Spider Joint fitting

(2) 1 inch PVC 90 degree elbow fittings

(1) 1 inch PVC T Fitting

(2) Spine Brace Crossbars (F)

(1) Spine Brace Connector (H)

(1) Wire fastener for attaching arm

(38) Self drilling screws

(8) Wood Screws

(1) Tube of silicone grease

(1) 12 volt wiper motor

(1) Wiper motor drive pin and low friction roller

(1) 12 volt 5 amp power supply with PWM speed controller

(1) Spine

(2) Shoulders

(2) Upper Arms

(2) Forearms

(2) Legs

What will I need to build this prop kit as shown here?

(1) 24" x 15" x 3/4" wood base

All of the screws and hardware needed are included!

Height of kit will be about 6 feet tall when assembled depending on the head you choose.

Tools needed to complete this build:

Tape measure


Hacksaw or PVC cutter

Cordless drill

Phillips screwdriver

Needle nose pliers

Rubber mallet



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